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SBI Green Marathon Delhi

SBI Green Marathon

The SBI Green Marathon is perhaps India’s only marathon designed to raise carbon consciousness while also being a one-of-a-kind event that actually has a negative carbon footprint! Bhamla Foundation’s green partner, SBI along with Radio Mirchi organised the event on Sunday, 28 October at Jio Garden, BKC at 6am. All participants were provided with plantable bibs that germinated into saplings. All items at the event, including the cutlery, were made using biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane extract.             This event is a culmination of a plethora of such activities all aimed at driving a greener future. There is no finish line for this marathon – our hope is that everyone’s journey continues into the future in our race to a greener future. BHAMLA GREEN PARTNER SBI GREEN MARATHON along with Radio Mirchi on sun 28th oct at jio garden BKC Bandra East 6 am onwards Its perhaps India’s only marathon designed to raise carbon consciousness among people, Participants will be provided plantable bibs germinating into saplings and the glasses and plates provided at the event will be made from bio-degradable bamboo and sugarcane biomass extract, delivering on the promise of moving towards a carbon negative footprint, the SBI Green Marathon had it all. The culmination of many such activities made this Green Marathon stand apart from all other marathons. For such a marathon, there is no finish line. We hope everyone carries on their race towards a greener future.
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