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150 Days & over 1,00,000+ Families !!

Today BHAMLA Foundation completes 100 Days of Non-stop service to our citizens in the ways of Food Distribution, sanitisation, essential supplies, clothing, protective gears and so on.

From the hotspot of DHARAVI to our own BANDRA, from the slums to the urban buildings, from the poor to the hungry we gave our best to all our fellow citizens. Serving over 1,73,000 families food and essential supplies to sending 1200 migrant workers back home, ensuring no one sleeps empty stomach, to the women having the right sanitisation we used all our might to help our own country & people.

We are accountable for our actions to our people as they impose their Faith in us for working towards humanity and so we distributed 5,00,000 readymade food packages, 89,0000 food grains, 1,00,000 masks, 23,000 liquid sanitizers, 18,000 PPE kits 12,000 sanitary pads.

We knew helping fellow citizens wasn’t our only responsibility and so we also fed our friends our street Dogs & cats while also distributing food for pets to our citizens and it still felt incomplete. we came back again with Fumigation & Sanitisation of 900 thickly populated slums while also providing them with immunity drinks, medication & water.

In this fight we have already lost our warriors and some are being currently treated but that will not stop our determination because our country & our People need us, this small milestone of 100 days is to appreciate all their efforts in our fight for the people.

We thank all of you for your Support,

We request for your Love & Blessings which will give us strength to continue our fight.

We Won’t Stop.

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